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Handmade Cities by Plini

2nd track from the debut album “HANDMADE CITIES”   Advertisements

Tales From The Tower by The Tirith

Gazing At Stars by The Tirith

From the debut album Tales From The Tower.

Home From The Sea by The Tirith

From the album Tales From The Tower.

Initiate by Haken

From the 2016 album Affinity by Haken. Modern melodic prog with a twist of metal.

Farewell Fair Laurien by The Tirith

Farewell Fair Laurien is the opening track on the Tales From The Tower album by The Tirith.

Liquid Tension Experiment Live in N.Y.C.

  John Petrucci (guitars) Mike Portnoy (drums) Tony Levin (bass, Chapman stick) Jordan Rudess (keyboard) 1. Acid Rain (9:25) 2. Kindred Spirits (8:00) 3. Biaxident (7:39) 4. Freedom of Speech (9:00) 5. Improv Jam #1 (8:10) 6. Another Dimension (10:51) 7. State of Grace (6:20) 8. Universal Mind (9:36) — 9. When the Water Breaks […]