Return To Forever – Romantic Warrior

Romantic Warrior is the band’s bestselling record reaching eventual sales of 500,000 copies. It was the group’s first album made for Columbia Records, which may have had a positive effect on sales. This is also the first jazz-rock album by Return to Forever that was not recorded at New York’s Record Plant Studios; instead it was recorded entirely at Caribou Ranch. It was also the first to be credited solely to Return to Forever, removing the “featuring Chick Corea” moniker. The album is more avant-garde and less funky than the band’s previous album, No Mystery (1975).


Track listing.
“Medieval Overture” (Corea) – 5:14
“Sorceress” (White) – 7:34
“The Romantic Warrior” (Corea) – 10:52
“Majestic Dance” (Di Meola) – 5:01
“The Magician” (Clarke) – 5:29
“Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant” (Part I & Part II) (Corea) – 11:26

Al Di Meola – electric guitars, acoustic guitar, soprano guitar, hand bells, slide whistle
Chick Corea – acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clavinet, Mini Moog, Moog 15, Micromoog, ARP Odyssey, Yamaha organ, Polymoog, marimba, percussion
Stanley Clarke – Alembic bass with Instant Flanger, piccolo bass, acoustic bass, bell tree, hand bells.
Lenny White – drums, timpani, congas, timbales, hand bells, snare drum, suspended cymbals, alarm clock.


Dennis MacKay – Engineer & Remixing
Wilson McLean – Cover art


One comment

  1. I remember this great album. Just incredible. And some moments that are a taste of things to come for Stanley Clarke with ‘School Days’.

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